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JAVA: SlideShow and Image Applets Index 0
The Slider Applet - Horizontal Image Scroller
Slider was one of the first applets to appear on CodeBrain, and has drawn record downloads and rave reviews from day one. With individually linkable images, sound on clicks, and a host of features, Slider is an industry workhorse viewed millions of times daily. GO TO SLIDER DEMOS
The SnapShot Applet - In-Position Slide Projector
The SnapShot applet is an in-position slideshow -- like a slide projector -- great for tight spots where you need to display a number of images.

Each image is individually linkable, and a background image is supported.  The applet also sports sound on mouse-clicks, individual control over image direction animation, and transparent images for striking layout effects.

The Slipper Applet - Vertical Image Scroller
All of the great features of the Slider applet (above) and based on the very same proven technology, Slipper is a vertical image scrolling applet.  

Also great for menu and navigation use, and very well suited to frameset layouts where thumbnails in the Slipper applet drive content to pages in another frame.

The SlideWays Applet - Vertical *and* Horizontal Image Scroller
All of the great features of the Slider and Slipper applets (above) and based on the very same proven technology, Slideways is a vertical *and* horizontal image scrolling applet.  

The iPanner Applet - Super-Simple Panoramic Image Applet
This is probably the simplest image panner you'll find anywhere.  Feed it an image, and away it goes.  Complete with mouseOver directional control.

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