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JAVA: Applet CLASSICS Index 0

Selected Applet Classics: Demo's & Downloads

The Slider Applet

The Slider applet was one of the first to appear on CodeBrain, and has been drawing record downloads and rave reviews from day one. Nominated by over a hundred users.
David Griffiths
The Snow Applet
See The Lake Applet David Griffiths is inarguably one of the 'Net's finest Java applet creators.  Like his Lake Applet (below), The Snow Applet seems to strike a certain resonance with web builders everywhere.  Combined with the visual appeal of the applet - and typical of David's work - The Snow Applet is amazingly simple to set up.  We've put up a clean demo, based exactly on the kit he provides. Just follow the link by the demo to get the applet.
David Griffiths
The Lake Applet
See The Lake Applet If you've never seen David Griffiths' Lake Applet, you're in for a treat.  In our honorarium of David's superb applet, we've put up a clean demo, based on the kit he provides, for you to enjoy and experiment with. If you decide you want The Lake Applet -- and every web builder should have this applet! -- just follow the link by the demo to be directed to David's site and the specific download for this fine applet.
David O'Brien
The Fireworks Applet
See The Fireworks AppletYou can't call yourself a real Java applet connoisseur until you've sampled the delights of David O'Brien's Fireworks.  Often imitated, never duplicated
-- David's Internet Classic Fireworks Applet is firmly established -- and rightly so! -- in the very history of the 'Net.  A sheer delight to watch, listen to, and be thrilled by... follow the link by the demo to get our kit.

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