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Users Note: You *can* customize
the background image!
Your graphic can be blended into your site.
(CodeBrain's name is *not* part of the applet.)

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CodeBrainVoice is a multi-use sound applet.  It can be used as a stand-alone player, as above, or in a 'blind' mode as a page utility.  The applet is free for private use and also available in a very low-cost key-less version for commercial use, those who just hate keys, or our friends on intranets.


In simplest form, just include Voice anywhere on your page, with no other set-up than specifying a sound file -- and it will play that sound file each time the page opens. 

A Repeat (that is, looping) mode is also available.  Setting the applet size small (say, 4x4 pixels) and the background color the same as the page effectively makes it invisible.

You can also use it as a sound file player, as shown above -- and you CAN have two or more instances of the applet playing at the same time to blend sounds.

Use any graphical background you wish, of course!  Each of the Play, Loop, and Stop button boxes can be positioned anywhere and sized however you wish, independently -- or moved off the applet space if you don't want one or more of them available to the user.  The color of the button box is also an applet parameter.

Additional parameters allow control directly from JavaScript in NS4 and MS4 and later browsers, with demos included in the kit.  This is a nice feature few sound applets offer, and really quite easy to handle if you know a little JavaScript.

Like all CodeBrain applets, Voice features simplicity of setup and a very small, fast, single .class file.  Protective coding limits parameter errors, and the parameter set is spare, clear, and straightforward.  This is probably our easiest applet to use!

Data sheets, sample set-ups, sound files and graphics are all included with the download kit.  Try all the demos!

CodeBrainVoice is currently FREE for private use*** and the applet contains or displays no 'trick' links or references to our site.  (Developers and commercial sites will please purchase the low-cost NO-KEY version.)

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Number of files:
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Level of Difficulty:
.. FREE for private use***
5.53 K
Single .class file
Yes, image
.. Tested:
Cheat Sheet
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Download Kit:
.. All standard browsers
(NS, FF, IE, etc.)
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Key file FAQ
Applet Basics
Contains all demos,
graphics, sound files
HTML, cheat sheet,
*** Commercial sites and developers must purchase the low-cost NO-KEY version!

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