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Applet Features
iPanner Image Panning Applet

The iPanner applet is an extremely simple-to-use image panner.
Other than Notice and KeyCode parameters, just give it an image,
and it runs... a great pro tool of course,
but also a fine choice for Java newcomers!

iPanner is linkable (url and target or frame), and also has (optional)
parameters to control start direction, speed, and mouse reaction.

The demo (everything here is included in the download) shows iPanner
used in a simple HTML table with a graphic for a background for dress.

You can view the documentation for iPanner here.


Tech Note: Making Seamless Images

You can use any image (compressed .jpg's work best), and it really isn't
necessary to use a "seamless" image.  However, this is often desirable,
to give the impression of a continuous landscape.

Most of the better graphics editors provide tools for this.  PSP users will note
"Selections | Convert to Seamless Pattern".  Other editors offer similar features.

However, a little ingenuity with any image editor can produce the effect.
The trick is just to have the left and right picture edges the same.
One simple way to do this is to fade to white (or black) at edges; another
is to make mirror images of your graphic, and combine them end to end.


The iPanner applet is compatible with all standard browsers
(Netscape, FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc.)


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