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APPLETS: iPopper Demos: FourX Get The Applet
A cool little toolbox applet, iPopper allows you to place a system-like Popup Menu anywhere on the page. Unlike other implementations of this idea, though, we've spruced up the trigger image so that it's a tri-state button... working as a mouseOver, but also changing state when the menu is popped up.

We've just stacked up several instances of the same demo, here, to give you the general idea... but iPopper can offer some very interesting design possibilities -- especially since the parameters let you pop up the menu at any position relative to the trigger image, even outside the applet space, so you can position it anywhere in your layout. (Note that a 4&up browser is required for this technique.)

The iPopper applet can support up to 100 links, so you won't run out of space.  You can also insert separators (the lines across the menu) from the parameters by using a dash as the ItemX text.

The iPopper applet is completely free, no keys, no visible notices... our way of saying thanks for your continued support.  iPopper is compatible with all standard browsers (IE, FF, NS, etc.)


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