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CodeBrain JAVA Applet Cut & Paste Kits...

Special applet sets that require virtually no set-up...
Just cut & paste in the supplied code, and ship the files off to your server!

Check out the demos below.

FREE DOWNLOADS are available off links on the DEMO PAGES.


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Ralph Light's UFO ONE

Ralph Light's UFO TWO

Ralph Light's UFO THREE

Ralph Light's UFO FOUR

Ralph Light's UFO FIVE

Ol' Ralph is at it again with those interesting dreams of his... lol.  Check this series out, all of them! Some really great effects!

Super-simple cut-and-paste, a breeze to install, and everything included, of course!

Ralph's otherworldly doings are superb examples of what you can get out of the Quasar applet (included)... even we never thought of some of these techniques!

Fireplace One Kit ( see also this design example )
A *stunning* fireplace display for your Holiday pages -- or anytime at all when the weather gets chilly! This is a superb kit, great graphics, and extremely easy to use.  Just cut-and-paste the code supplied, shoot the files to your server, and your page will be toasty, warm -- and the envy of all!
Star Beacon One Kit
Designed for the Holiday Season - but the pulsing Star Beacon One is a neat effect on any page!  (Check both demos.)  We've put this one at the top because it is the simplest kit you'll find anywhere... up and running in minutes.
Star Beacon Two Kit - with Menu Demo and New Millennium Greeting
Different graphics than the above -- pulsating star-nova display, with three demos in the kit:  one as a standalone eye-grabber, one ready-to-go Millennium Greeting, and one full front-end menu example.
Peace On Earth Kit
We designed this for the Christmas and New Year's holiday season, but you know, Peace On Earth is a great message every single day of the year.  This kit is *ideal* for newcomers - it can't get any simpler - and also great for professionals who need a fast set-up, sophisticatedly stylish seasonal.
Ralph Light's GHOST KIT
See all of the lucky 13 individual applet set-ups in action, here.  All images and everything you need are included with the kit.  Cut-n-paste in the code from the demos in the kit, and you're as spooked as you wanna be!  Wildly successful off our site last Halloween, but great for the, uh, spiritually minded anytime.

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