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APPLETS: NewsMaker Get  Applet
NewsMaker Applet Features

External Message-and-Link Text File
Messages and links are stored in an external text file -- so you never need to change your page code to change your messages or links; change your content and links by simply sending a new text file to your server.

Free Windows Software Message Tool
No tedious, difficult, manual editing of the message file -- a free Windows software message-making tool is included with the applet; quickly and easily make changes or new message sets, and then just send the text file to your server.

Smooth Scrolling
Double-buffered internal graphics techniques ensure smoothest possible scrolling on the screen; easy and clear to read.

Background Image & Sound Support
Use any standard gif or jpg as a background image within the applet space for easy layout and page integration; also supports .au sound files on item-at-top (optional); over two dozen sample sounds included in download.

Full Font Control and Alignment
Size, face, style, and four different font color settings, plus left, right, or centered justification; text colors can be interactive on mouseover.

Automatic Headlining
Optionally selectable headlining of the first line of each message; interactive mouseover text-color effects for greater emphasis.

Pause-At-Top and Speed Timing Settings
Both overall scrolling speed and "wait" time as each item comes to the top are settable; automatic timing override prevents long waits after mouseovers.

Small, Fast Class File and Easy Installation
NewsMaker is a single, small class file -- only 10.6K -- light on bandwidth and quick-starting;  no cumbersome jar or cab files; simple, well-documented parameter set for general set up.

Broadest Possible System and Browser Compatibility
Compiled under heritage 1.0x 100% Pure Java JDK's to ensure broadest possible compatibility -- even on older browsers like Netscape 3.x or when viewed on older systems; fully compatible with all major browsers and versions.

Fully Functional Try-Before-You-Buy Download
Get both the applet and the message tool software, free to try, fully functional, and work with the real applet and the real software before you buy.

Instant Access to Keys
When you make your purchase, you get instant access to our key-maker in the log-in area -- no waiting for your keys; plus we give you 90 days to make your keys

Free Bonus Key -- Limited Time Offer
For a limited time, the NewsMaker Standard kit also comes with a free bonus key, so you can use it on two different sites... like getting two copies of NewsMaker for the price of one!  Developer discount packs also available for multiple domains.

Non-Restrictive Keying
A single key works everywhere on your domain, forever -- no limits -- use it anywhere on your site, as many times as you wish, on as many pages as you want.

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