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Including a 'Bookmark This Site' Text Link
About This Demo...

In MS Internet Explorer (4&up), click on the 'Bookmark Us!' text below.  (In all other browsers, only a message appears, and no action takes place when it is clicked.)

When you click on the link, Explorer's Add Favorite dialogue automatically pops opens, inviting your visitor to add your site to their bookmarks (called 'favorites' in Explorer).

Also note that the status bar (MSIE 4&up only) will show the 'Bookmark Us!' text message when you mouseOver the link.


This is an easy one to use - just make the very simple changes to the three variables explained in the instructions below, and insert the script in your page where you want the 'Bookmark Us!' notice to appear.  Take note of the text formatting instructions, so you can make the link appear as you wish on your page.

The Code & Instructions...

Click HERE to Select the Code.  (Pressing Ctrl+C will then place it in your Clipboard.)


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