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Disabling the Left Mouse (Left-Click) Button
About This Demo...

Now, obviously, we have to do this demo in a pop up... so CLICK HERE.

On the pop-up demo, try both left-click and right-click with your mouse.  Left-click will trigger an alert box; right-click will pop the usual context menu.

Suggested Uses & Use Notes

You want to use this technique with a little caution and forethought, of course, since it effectively disables any links, etc., on the page where it is used.  As to just why and what for you'd use this technique, well, we're a little puzzled about that, too... but someone wrote in and asked for it, so here it is.

Note that this technique only works in MSIE.  NS completely ignores it.

The Code & Instructions...

Click HERE to Select the Code.  (Pressing Ctrl+C will then place it in your Clipboard.)


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