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Including an Icon with Your URL (Favorites / Bookmarks for IE5)

Basic Method

There is very simple to do, and there is no coding necessary for this.  Just do the following:

1. Select any standard Windows icon file.

2. Rename the icon file to favicon.ico

3. Place the favicon.ico file in the root directory on your web server (where your main index page is).

Whenever anyone bookmarks your site, the icon will subsequently show up on their Favorites list.  When they visit your site, the icon will also show in the URL window of the browser.  That's all there is to it -- it's automatically picked up by IE5 browsers.

One quirk we've noted with this... on many machines, the icon won't show up until after a reboot.

Going Further

If you want to use a different file name than favicon.ico or a different location than the root directory on your server, you can paste the following link reference tag into your <head> </head> code at the top of your page(s).

Just change the paths and filenames to reflect the correct information for your site.

Don't forget to be sure the icon is actually where you say it is in the link path!  You can confirm this simply by typing in the address for the icon file, same as you show in the link path in the code below, since IE5 supports this format generally.

The Code & Instructions...

Click HERE to Select the Code.  (Pressing Ctrl+C will then place it in your Clipboard.)


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