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Affiliate Program - 25% Pay-Out

The Affiliate Program is open to everyone!  Whether your site is commercial or personal, on a standard server or a freeserver, you can now profit from click-backs to CodeBrain.

Set-up is super easy - fill out a short form and put a link on your site.  Everything else is automatic.  Just wait for the checks to arrive.

Don't wait!  Go do it NOW -- It'll take you all of ten minutes, and there's nothing to lose!


The Important Stuff First:  What You Can Earn & How You Get Paid

CodeBrain's Affiliate Program works through (more about them below), and we pay a generous 25% - one of the highest payouts in the industry.

If you're familiar with general industry rates, those are nice numbers -- and they do indeed tend to add up!  Not only that, but...

  • one link on your site gets you credit for any purchase that results from it - no need to set up any separate or special links - all automatically tracked
  • as we add more products, you're automatically included, without changing anything at all on your site

All of the accounting and tracking is handled by - a highly respected, honest, reliable company that specializes just in this.

You do nothing. collects the money and mails you the checks -- as often as twice monthly if you're over minimum.  Make sure you read through the materials at so you understand how/when they pay out, how they track sales, and so on.

Note that CodeBrain is NOT involved in handling, managing, accounting, or paying out any of the money end of it.  We did this on purpose, as it keeps everything clean and above board.  Everything is handled entirely through -- so you know you're getting a completely fair deal!



How to Set Up:  Two Simple Steps Is All It Takes!

Step One:  Sign Up

Go over to and join up. You'll fill out one simple form just telling them where to send the money and assigning you an "account nickname" you need for ClickBank to track your sales.

Go Here (click below) To Sign Up with ClickBank


Step 2: Install Your Links

ClickBank uses a simple system to track your sales and to send your link to our site.  These are called "hoplinks" and they look like this:

<a href="">Text or Image</a>

CodeBrain is the SELLER, and our account name is etlux, as you'll see below.

You are the AFFILIATE and you insert your ClickBank account nickname into the link, where it says affiliate.

Your Link to CodeBrain Should Look Like the One Below
affiliate to Your ClickBank Account Nickname
Caution!  Don't copy and paste this -- type it in by hand.


<a href="">
CodeBrain FREE & Low-Cost Java Applets

That's it, you're done!  From here on out, just keep an eye on your stats over at, and wait for the checks in the mail.

You can place as many links as you wish around your site.  The more you have, the more likely it is you'll make sales! 

If you'd like to use an image link, there are some cool graphics you can use below.


If you need help setting up or you would like CodeBrain to check for you to make sure you did the hoplink correctly, don't hesitate to contact us.



Affiliate Image / Banner Links... (Optional)
If you'd like to use Image ("Banner") Links, we've provided industry-standard graphics below.  Help yourself!

Image links are optional, of course, and text links work great -- but the banners and buttons can attract more click-throughs.

Please don't link to the images on our site - they may move on you!  See the instructions...

Image Links

Right-click to download the banner or button image(s).

Your Image Link to CodeBrain Should Look Like the One Below
affiliate to Your ClickBank Account Nickname
imagename.gif to the name of the image used
Caution!  Don't copy and paste this -- type it in by hand.

<a href="">
<img src="
imagename.gif" alt=" Free Java">

Please do NOT link to an image on our site -- it may move on you!
Download the image (right-click) and save it, then send it to
your server and link to it there.

Animation 125x125 - Free Java Applets!

Banner 468x60

Banner 468x60 -- Free Java Applets!

Animation 120x60

Button 88x31 -- Free Java Applets!


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