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Frequently Asked Questions
What about support? support is legendary, and available to all who purchase CodeBrain applets.  If you have a problem, we have the answers... and you always speak directly with a programmer.  No one knows Java like CodeBrain does, and our response time is the best in the industry.

In fact, there's a *special* 'Support' link at the left that takes what you might call the Express Lane straight to a CodeBrain programmer - and it's free for as long as you own and use your applet.

We expect you to know basic webcraft, of course -- but don't hesitate to contact us if you're truly stuck.  Just keep it sane, check your code with a magnifying glass, read the documentation, and make sure everything's where it ought to be first.  Support is a huge cost for software providers - especially at CodeBrain because the programmers of the applets themselves always answer all support questions - and your prudent use of it helps keep prices down.

What do I get with the purchase applet kit?

You get quite a bit!

First of all, real support goes with the deal... and we guarantee you that you always speak directly with a skilled, experienced programmer.

In addition to the applet itself, you get the demo or demos you see on the site... including all the image graphics files, sound files if used, the pro code exactly as used here - the works!  These are great tools, either as is or as starting points for your own designs.

You also get complete documentation and tips, no-limit downloads (see below) of the kit, and access to make keys for up to six sites - since most everyone has more than one site these days.

And just to make life easy for you, you've got a full 90 days to get your keys (or extra download kit copies).  Where most applet providers require keying information before you purchase -- we do not.  You make your keys anytime you want during the 90 day period.

Where do I get the applet kit?

You receive a User ID immediately upon purchase, which entitles you to 90-day access to the Log-In area.  From there, you download the kit in a .zip file.  In case you screw up, you can also go back and get extra copies of the kit any time at all during that 90 days -- and if it is after that, just email us with your ClickBank ticket number, and we'll send a new kit to any existing client via email.

Free versions of all applets are also available (see the left menu) for trial purposes and for private and non-profit users; but do note that these versions may differ from the purchased versions, generally by showing our nameplate for a period of time during start-up.  Purchased versions uniformly have far better performance in terms of loading speed.

How long is my User ID good?

Your User ID to make your keys is good for 90 days from the date of purchase.  Most applet providers require url keying information before you purchase.  We do not.  You make your keys in your log-in area, anytime during the 90 days after your purchae.

How many sites can I use the applet on?

Your purchase entitles you to make up to six (6) site keys... a real bargain!  Most commercially keyed applets, many costing far more than ours do, provide you with exactly - one!

There is no limit on non-profit and private use of the free versions, of course.

Are there any use restrictions?

If you purchase the applet?  None, so far as web usage.  You bought it, you own it, do what you want with it on your sites.

And yes, commercial web developers are welcome! Probably most of our clients are web developers.

We absolutely DO restrict redistribution of our applets in any way (on CD, for instance, or downloads of our products from any other source but this site) without prior legal agreements made with us concerning royalties and remuneration.

Note that, unlike most low-cost applets, there are *no* visible indications of any kind in the purchased versions of CodeBrain Nova applets - no hidden links, etc., in the applet function that identify CodeBrain as the applet maker - only a hidden notice tag in the applet html page source code (mostly for copyright purposes).

The native code, of course, is copyrighted by CodeBrain - which means you can't decompile it and re-use it for your own purposes or profit... but that's really only of concern to the dishonest, anyway.

FREE VERSIONS May *only* be used by private and non-profit sites, of course.

How do the keys work?

You receive a User ID immediately upon purchase, which gives you instant access to the Log-In area for 90 days.

In that log-in area, you provide your site URL(s), and the keys are then instantly generated by our intelligent key-maker and e-mailed off to you in seconds.  No waiting for keys!

Paste the key code into the applet KeyCode parameter (instructions are in the e-mail you receive, and on the Cheat Sheet) - and you're up and running.

Once a key is made for a given domain -- it is permanent, and will work there, always... on any page on that site, as many pages as you wish.

Note that you do not need the key code when working off your hard drive.

(Free versions do not use keys of any kind, of course.)

Keys are not transferable and are, as noted above, permanent for a given domain.

What about multiple referrers?

CodeBrain NOVA Series purchased applets *will* accept multiple domains (up to 12) pointing to them.  You do this by combining keys with a pipe | sign between them. Contact us if you need help with this.  We have a standard email with specific, clear, simple instructions we will send right out to you, including sample code.

FREE VERSIONS are unkeyed and will work on multiple referrers.

Can the applets be used on Intranets or CD's?

Custom versions of keys are required for intranets.  Contact us if you need this.

CodeBrain applets are Internet applets -- and we do NOT certify or recommend these applets for use on CD's.


These applets are, of course, unconditionally guaranteed against all defects in workmanship.

CodeBrain does its level best to provide top-quality resources -- even while they're among the best bargains on the 'Net.  These are professional, commercial-grade applets, comparable to or better than many that you'd pay far more for, elsewhere.

We don't, however, guarantee every resource will work everywhere, though we go to extraordinary efforts and perform extensive testing to see that they do! So, of course, we don't presume that everything we offer is going to be suitable for every single possibility amid the vast array of circumstances the 'Net presents! 

Ultimately, the successful use of any resource is always up to your ingenuity, and the appropriateness of your choices. Remember the programmers' maxim: "Test it a dozen times. Then test it another dozen times. Thus assured, go test it again."

ALL CodeBrain applets have trial kits (the free versions).  Try before you buy!


Simple. Drop us a note (pay attention, now!) with your Name, your E-Mail Address, your User ID, the CLickBank Transaction Number you received at the time of your purchase.  (Absolutely do NOT send your credit card number.)

If we don't have that information, we have no way whatsoever to figure out who you are and what you bought!

Tell us specifically why you were dissatisfied so we can do better, and then we immediately apply for the refund (with a copy to you of all info) to your credit card.

Please note that refunds will *not* be granted if you have already used one or more of your keys.

What will appear on my credit card?

We use ClickBank (see below) to process our transactions for you. So, when you purchase from, on your credit card, you'll actually see a charge by CLICKBANK / KEYNETICS.

Is my purchase transaction secure?

You bet! Our transactions are handled by ClickBank -- one of the most trusted names in the industry. Using an independent credit card transaction service that specializes just in this insures that all transactions are not only fast, but completely honest and absolutely secure.



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