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Help CodeBrain Pay Off George!
This is George.  He runs our servers.  And if he looks like a monkey, well, that's an accident of genetics.  In truth, he's Bill Gates' younger brother, and he has old Bill's same incredible appetite for cold, hard cash. Every time you view a page or download a Free CodeBrain resource, he's got his hand, er, paw out -- telling us to pay up!
What You Can Do!
If you downloaded a CodeBrain Perl script, liked it, and used it on your site, then

It isn't tax deductible, it won't save the world, and all you get is a good feeling for Doing The Right Thing -- and the assurance that CodeBrain will still be here the next time you need a CodeBrain Resource!  And hey... wasn't just meeting George worth it?

Your Choice!
Send what your budget will allow!

Perl Script
Poverty Registration $ 5.00

Perl Script
Generous Registration $10.00

George says, Thank You!
About Your Registration - How It Works

A pop-up window will open and you'll be asked for credit-card information, per usual.  Our purchases are handled by CLICKBANK.com - a trusted, highly secure, independent service. You'll be given simple, clear instructions as you proceed.  It's easy and safe!  

Your Credit Card will be billed by ClickBank / Keynetics.

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