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CodeBrain visitors have asked by the hundreds where they could find small, fast, reliable .au sound files, properly formatted for use with JAVA applets:  So, we've assembled a small archive of them for you here.

Many .au files you find on the 'Net will not work with some or all JAVA applets, because they're not in the correct format - which can drive you close to crazy when setting up an applet - but...

ALL of these files are properly formatted for JAVA applets, and tested by CodeBrain!

Ralph Light (GhostGallery) - who also authors a number of our JavaKits - is the creator of all files in this collection.  They are free for personal use, but *commercial users must get appropriate permission* to use these files!

For your convenience, we've distributed the files across a number of lightly-loaded pages, so you don't have to do a lot of scrolling to check them out.

Instructions for listening to and downloading the files are on each page.  (Note that you can rename these files as you wish.) We've tried to give these sensible names, by the way, but it's almost impossible to do.  We suggest you just browse through the pages and check out anything that looks interesting.

NOTE:  Many of these files are intended to be looped - so when you open them with your browser sound client, try setting its looper on.

All of the sound files are, of course, FREE for non-commercial use.

Make sure you tell others you got 'em at CodeBrain!

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