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GRAPHICS GIFS Spheres 132 100 75 50 32 (diameter in pixels)
Specifications for the Spheres:
  • All spheres are made from the same master (that is, they're identical in form)
  • All spheres follow the same color standard across sizes (that is, a 132-pixel green sphere will be exactly the same color as a 100-pixel green, 75-pixel green, etc.)
  • All spheres are transparent-to-black, designed to work well on black or dark-colored backgrounds, and suitable for JAVA applet use
  • All spheres very low bandwidth -- with files trimmed to absolute minimum size

Downloading Instructions: Right-click on the sphere, save the file to your hard drive.

CodeBrain knows that high-quality transparent .gif spheres are somewhat difficult to make if you're not heavy into graphics, or don't have an appropriate editor.  (Actually, they're difficult even if you are, and do.)   So... here's a whole batch of them, various sizes, various colors.  These are FREE -- of course!

Make sure you tell others you got 'em at CodeBrain!

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