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JAVA: Classic Applets: Where To Get Them FREE

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Where to Get Them Free

David Griffiths
The Lake Applet & The Snow Applet
We note with regret that David Griffith has closed his sites, as of the end of 2001.  We salute Mr. Griffith for having created true classics and contributed valued and worthwhile work.

In his own words, 

"...thank you to all the people who have done so many things with the little program I wrote one Saturday afternoon so so long ago, and also to say that I will be closing spigots.com sometime before Christmas in order to work on larger Java projects. Sadly this means that the original lake applet will no longer be developed. It will of course still be available in the many online archives, and will no doubt live on in the many clones that it spawned but sadly I shall no longer add another bytecode to it."



(Crossing back over the lake one last time and out into the oceans beyond) 

David O'Brien
The Fireworks Applet
(click here to download the free kit from our site)

David O'Brien's applet, along with a cheat sheet and a set-up test.html page ready to fly, is available free from our site by clicking on the link above.  Unzip it and have a blast.


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