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iFrame Text Presentation Applet as a Text Display Tool

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Applet Features
iFrame Text Presentation Applet
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The iFrame Applet is designed to solve a common problem
in web page design: putting an inner "frame" wherever you want,
without actually busting up your page into multiple awkward
frames inside a regular HTML frameset layout.  It also lets you
use the equivalent of an <iframe> html tag in Netscape 4&up,
which doesn't support this useful IE feature.

You can plug the iFrame Applet in anywhere at all on your
page in mere minutes, reading any common text file into
the space rapidly and efficiently (it uses a very small 7K class file).

A useful display effect is to put the applet within a table, or nest it
in tables, with an image used in the background:
which see, here

  The size of the applet is simply changed from the <applet>
height and width tags, and the color of the page is settable.
Color, size, face, and style of the applet font are also
settable, so even the plain text files it reads look great!

The iFrame applet is compatible with all standard browsers
 (Netscape, FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc.).

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