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APPLETS: Slipper: Double | Basic | PopUp | White Get  Applet
Popups are a great way
to do slideshows, as with
these pieces by Sondra
Seeger (see below).


All demos are included
in the download, including sample code on how to
do the popup.
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Slipper Applet Features
  • Selectable scrolling direction: up-down or down-up
  • Sound support: cues on mouse clicks
  • Small 7.8K class file size for super-fast loading
  • Height and width can be changed in the <applet> tag; works well with larger images
  • Single class file for uncomplicated set-up - NO jar or cab files
  • Multi-image graphics supporting up to 100 images
  • Images independently linkable: URL, target, frame - each image
  • Uses NO key files
  • Separate inner and outer border controls with independent color and width settings
  • Settable mouseOver link box color and behavior, with link attachable to either (outer) frame or (inner) border
  • Settable speed control
  • Easy, fast, clear parameters and set-ups with ample control options
  • Compatible with all standard browsers (Netscape, FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc.).
  • Download kit contains all demos, graphics, sound files, HTML, thorough documentation, quick-start
Notice:  All images in the Slipper Applet demos are copyrighted by Sondra Seeger, and rights remain with the artist.

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